The Enfield Swim Squad Philosophy

  • To provide a positive environment in which each athlete can develop physically, emotionally 
and socially.
  • To learn and enjoy life skills such as: pride, commitment, hard work, discipline, integrity, and loyalty and apply them to the team and everyday life.
  • To learn as much as possible about the sport of Swimming.

The ESS Way

  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Put the team before yourself.
  • Make working hard a normal occurrence.
  • Make winning an attitude.
  • Take responsibility for your actions and learn from all experiences.
  • Develop and demonstrate strong, positive team spirit, camaraderie and team pride.
  • Be accountable to each other.
  • Never give up on yourself and others.

ESS Swimmers

are expected to:

  • Set realistic personal goals and work to achieve them through hard work, discipline and commitment.
  • Be a positive reflection of yourself, the team and the club.
  • Appreciate everyone's contribution to the team, and to understand and accept your own contribution.
  • Accept and carry out responsibilities as a team player to the best of your ability, and to develop the skills necessary to do so.
  • Show respect for yourself and others.

ESS Coaches

are expected to:

  • Provide experiences enabling each swimmer to grow.
  • Communicate the rules and etiquette required to compete in the sport of swimming safely.
  • Challenge each athlete to be the best they can be in and out of the pool.
  • Clearly communicate the team rules and expectations to the athletes and parents.
  • Convey the importance of each athlete's contribution to the club.
  • Teach athletes to accept appropriate criticism and guidance from coaches or teammates in a positive manner.
  • Instill and uphold high standards of sportsmanship.
  • Never give up, and to lead by example.

ESS Parents

are expected to:

  • Understand and support the direction and philosophy of the ESS coaches and swimming programme.
  • Help support the team through positive reinforcement of your child's efforts and participation, as well as that of other swimmers in the club.
  • Help support team events (National Arena League, M11, Essex League, Relay galas) by doing your best to work with the club when help is required.
  • Develop and demonstrate awareness that your child is part of a team, and that team goals take precedence over individual goals.
  • Assist the coaches in building the team through participation in, and support of, team events.