You can be a Champion

What is a Champion?

Wanting to be a Champion should not just be a statement of desire, but a commitment to make those 1000's of little choices each day to make sure that you become a winner!


Champions are not made on the day of the gala; they are made in the days, months and years of training leading up to the meet.

  • A Champion's Choice is made at 9.00pm when a decision is made to turn off the TV, click off line or leave a friend's house early to get to bed ready for morning training.
  • A Champion's Choice is made when a pasta dish or baked potato is chosen instead of burgers and chips and cereal bars and fruit are chosen instead of chocolate and crisps.
  • A Champion's Choice is when a group of your friends decide to have a party where junk food, alcohol and maybe cigarettes are available but you decide not to go.
  • A Champion's Choice is made when you tough out a two hour training session, battle with tiredness, oxygen debt, lactic acid and hunger but you still hit great turns, great pace and never quit.
  • A Champion's Choice is when you choose the hardest option in training because you know it will make you a better swimmer.
  • A Champion's Choice is to never make excuses for failing but to do whatever it takes to put it right. 

If you make Champion Choices and win all of these daily battles, you will stand on the block with the confidence of a Champion, the inner strength of a Champion and will race like a Champion.


Being a Champion is not a magical, mythical status that you can never achieve. They started at the same point as you! So every time you are faced with a choice, take responsibility and do what Champions do!