The Athlete's Mental Toolbox

Achieving Physical Success Through Mental Excellence

USA Swimming's Sports Psychology department has created a Mental Toolbox to help swimmers reach their swimming goals. To be successful, a swimmer must have all the necessary tools available including his/her mental tools. Spending hours working on your strokes, swimming lap after lap and lifting weights will simply not cut it, if your mind is not trained along with your body!


The Philosophy of the Mental Toolbox

Mental skills are SKILLS, so they can be learnt! Just like you can train your body in the pool, you can train your mind.

Mental skills are not just for ELITE athletes but for ALL levels of swimmers! If you make the effort to train your mind, the rewards can be great.

Mental training isn't EASY, but athletes can learn to manage what goes on internally! Like any physical athletic skill, mental skills need to be practiced.

Mental skills are an important aspect of a well-rounded athlete. The following links will allow you to download USA Swimming's complete guide to developing your Mental Toolbox:

Goal Setting

Goals provide direction; goals provide feeback; goals motivate.

Have a look at the Goal Setting presentation by USA Swimming.

Developing a Performance Mindset