Success is Long Term

The Journey Through Swimming

The ASA Technical Swimming Committee has adopted the Long Term Athlete Development and related it to the Journey Through Swimming to help parents and club helpers understand the principles behind training and competition for young swimmers.

Long Term Athlete Development aims to achieve optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete's career. It is vital that a long term approach to training and competition is adopted, taking into account the all-important years of growth and development of young swimmers. Children and youngsters who train for short term performance results often plateau when growth slows down. As a result, young people are often frustrated with their worsening performance and drop out before they can achieve their full potential as athletes. The Long Term Athlete Development approach aims to prevent this by taking into account the young athlete's entire "Journey Through Swimming".

Download your copy of the ASA's Long Term Athlete Development plan.



Long Term Athlete Development in Sports
At ESS our focus is entirely on the Long Term Development of our swimmers. Progression through the squads will reflect these aims. We do not believe that young swimmers should 'over-train'. It is our aim that swimmers continue their competitive swimming right through their teens and beyond.