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Squad Training Fee Information

Direct Debit

Training fees at ESS are calclulated on an annual basis and paid in 12 monthly installments via Direct Debit. Click the button below to set up payments by Direct Debit. for your squad fees.

Enfield Swim Squad 2011 Development Guidelines

Enfield Swim Squad was founded in December 2011. ESS offers elite training opportunities to the best swimmers in the London Borough of Enfield. Each quarter swimmers are invited to join the Swim Squad from the two feeder houses on their ability and performances.


Enfield Swim Squad is made up of two clubs accredited at the Swim21 Competitive Development Level, and is hoping to reach Performance Level in the next year. The ESS Intermediate and Development Squads are a talent identification opportunity and are to supplement the development process for the Regional and Middlesex Squads.

Selection and promotion for all squads is based on age, competition times and talent identification by the coaches. Standards may vary each year dependent on the standard of the swimmers in the development squads in any one year. There is no 'place for life' in any of the Enfield Swim Squads, swimmers may be moved into Club or Active Squads or the Middlesex Squad, if a swimmer does not maintain their standard or if they do not reach the required standard to be promoted to the next squad by the time they have reached the upper age level.


Swimming is a training intensive sport, and in comparison with some other sports, requires a significant commitment to training at a relatively young age. If swimmers joining the squads are to develop their potential they are expected to train at and above their training commitment as laid out in the ESS training requirements.


Squad Criteria and Sessions Timetables

Please note that sessions plans are still in the development stages and may be subject to change. All squad members will be advised of their definitive sessions by email.

For information about Enfield Swim Squad's affiliated learn-to-swim programmes, click here.