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ESS is proud to present the ESS Team club kit. The athletic type shirts are unisex, while board shorts come in male and female cuts. (The male style board short is longer in length and some female swimmers have chosen this.)

Kit items are manufactured to the highest standard and use top of the range performance fabrics. Please do check sizing carefully BEFORE ordering. An ideal time to check sizes is at a gala when other swimmers will have the kit available for you to compare.


ESS club hoodies are made of durable easy-care polycotton washable at 60 degrees. They cost £35 each and come embroidered with logo and your name.

Please use our order form below to order shirts, shorts or hoodies. Please note we only place orders for hoodies once every quarter, so if you have just missed an order, it could take up to 3-4 months for your hoodie to arrive. Shirt and shorts orders take up to 10 weeks from manufacture to delivery, but we often hold some limited stock of the most common sizes.

Members will be charged for all kit orders through the GoCardless scheme via their Direct Debit mandates for gala payments.


ESS swimming hats (£7) are available at any time to purchase for competitions in person through our coaching team or directly at galas (just ask your coach). Swimmers who purchase a hat in this way will be charged automatically through GoCardless.

Please note Enfield Swim Squad hats are mandatory for competitions. For your training sessions with Swim Enfield, please wear the white Swim Enfield hats.

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